Snakt’s mission is to empower creation and communication through video, and to allow anyone in the world to “speak” video. The internet and mobile smartphones are becoming the most dominant consumer technology in the world, and online video is on course to be the most dominant mass medium the world has ever seen, eclipsing even television. And so we need to make sure everyone in the world can communicate in video. The future of human expression, communication, art, and freedom depend on it.

In other words, the revolution will continue. It must continue.

The leading revolutionaries are the individual creators who helped build YouTube into the biggest video community in the world — and who have turned digital video into its own new global medium, across a whole range of platforms, from Vine to Instagram to Snapchat to Dailymotion and beyond. And we believe Snakt will enable a whole new generation of creators to emerge, even if they never had been creators on other platforms.

We want to make sure that these revolutionary creators come first.

We believe in this mission, and we believe in the creators who inspired us to build Snakt in the first place. It is time for the next phase of the revolution, with a creator-centric platform that works for everyone.

Feel free to reach out, or to leave a comment below. We want to hear your ideas, and we will be sharing more about Snakt in the weeks to come.