Application to SnaktCoins Partner Program

Welcome to SnaktCoins!  By submitting this form, you are applying to the SnaktCoins Partner Program and agreeing to the Partner Addendum to the Terms of Service.

Key things to remember:

  • SnaktCoins are our currency for creators and fans; 100 SnaktCoins = $1 USD
  • As a Partner, you'll get paid for views at an initial baseline CPM of $3 (300 SnaktCoins) -- plus a bonus of 10,000 SnaktCoins when you do your first post and shout-out.  Fan gifts are coming soon, so you can earn even more.
  • You're eligible to start cashing out once you hit 100,000 SnaktCoins in earnings across all your channels
  • To be a Partner, post new videos on Snakt twice a week and promote your channels so your fans come watch!

If you ever have any questions or are curious about anything, feel free to reach out anytime --, or text or call Jess at 914 434 1961. We're always here for you. 


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